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Green Horned Caterpillar (Ulat tanduk hijau)

23 March 2022
2 mins read

Melanitis leda ismene Cramer Moths are not attracted to light. The moth is in the form of a giant butterfly, which is very easy to recognize because there are spots shaped like eyes on its wings. Larvae have 2 pairs of horns, one pair at the tip of the head and the other pair at the end of the abdomen. Larvae cause damage to plants, eating leaves starting from the edges and tips of the leaves. The growth phase of the attacked plant is from the tillering phase to panicle formation.

In addition to rice plants, these insects have other hosts such as grasses, sugarcane, sorghum, Anastrophus sp, Imperata sp, and Panicum spp. This pest should be controlled by utilizing natural enemies, such as the egg parasite Trichogrammatidae. Therefore, chemical control with insecticides is not recommended when the plants are 30 days after transplanting or 40 days after sowing.

Source: Putra, R. (2018). Hama dan penyakit tanaman padi dan deskripsi padi sawah. Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian Kepulauan Riau.