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Mole Cricket (mole cricket)

23 March 2022
5 mins read

Mole cricket (Gryllotalpa orientalis Burmeister) is rarely a problem in rice fields but is often found in tidal lands and is usually found only in dry, water-scarce fields. Flooding of plants causes Mole cricket to move to the dam. This pest has large forelimbs. The life cycle is 6 months. This pest can damage plants at all stages of growth. The seeds that are spread in the nursery can also be eaten.

Mole cricket damages the young roots and the plant base under the ground. This pest cuts the plant at the bottom of the stem, and people often mistake it for symptoms of damage caused by the stem borer. The young rice plants that it attacked died so that empty spots were visible in the fields.

How people control this:

  • Leveling the soil so that the water is evenly distributed;
  • Flooding the fields for 3-4 days can help kill mole cricket eggs on the ground;
  • Use of bait (husk mixed with insecticide);
  • Use insecticides (if needed) with the active ingredient carbofuran or fipronil.

Source: Putra, R. (2018). Hama dan penyakit tanaman padi dan deskripsi padi sawah. Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian Kepulauan Riau.

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