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Rice Whorl Maggot (Lalat bibit)

23 March 2022
2 mins read

Hydrellia philippina Ferino rice whorl maggot are essential pests in areas where water conditions are difficult to regulate. Rice whorl maggot generally attacks newly transplanted crops in flooded rice fields. In high attack, this pest can cause farmers to replant because Rice Whorl Maggot kills more than 50% of their new plants. Symptoms of aggression in the form of yellow spots along the edges of the leaves, the affected leaves become deformed, and the leaves curl.

The eggs of this insect are laid on the upper surface of the leaves, whitish in color, oval in shape, resembling a banana. You can easily find translucent greenish-yellow larvae when the curled leaves are opened. Larvae can also move to the center of the plant until it reaches the growing point. This pest can be controlled by drying the fields. Proper control of Rice Whorl Maggot is through prevention because when symptoms of damage are seen in the area, rice whorl maggot is no longer in the plantings. The use of insecticides (if needed) are those with active ingredients:

  • benzene,
  • BPMC, or
  • carbofuran

Source: Putra, R. (2018). Hama dan penyakit tanaman padi dan deskripsi padi sawah. Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian Kepulauan Riau.

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