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Stem Rot (Busuk batang)

23 March 2022
3 mins read

Stem rot is a disease that infects plant parts in the canopy and causes plants to fall quickly. To observe this disease, the plant’s canopy needs to be opened. It is necessary to be careful if there is a fall on the plantation without previously raining or raining with strong winds. The initial symptoms are blackish, irregular in shape on the outer side of the leaf midrib, and gradually enlarge. Finally, the fungus penetrates the rice stalks, which become weak, the tillers die, and the plant collapses.

The most susceptible plant stage is the tillering stage until the mature milk stage. Yield losses due to this disease can reach 80%. Plant fertilization with a dose of 250 kg urea, 100 kg SP36, and 100 kg KCl per ha can suppress disease development. To reduce the spread even further, dry the plants until harvest time. Ways to prevent this disease include:

  • Rice stubble after harvest is burned or decomposed;
  • Dry the plot and allow the soil to crack before digging again;
  • Use balanced fertilization; nitrogen fertilizer as recommended, and K fertilization tends to reduce disease infection;
  • Use a fungicide (if needed) with an active ingredient of sulfur or difenoconazole.

Source: Putra, R. (2018). Hama dan penyakit tanaman padi dan deskripsi padi sawah. Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian Kepulauan Riau.