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23 March 2022
2 mins read

Birds attack rice plants in the milk ripening phase until the seeds ripen (before harvest). The attack resulted in empty seeds, symptoms such as outskirts, and many seeds were lost. Birds should be controlled by:

  1. Bird watchers start from 6-10 am and 2-6 pm because these times are critical times for plants attacked by birds.
  2. Use nets to isolate rice fields from bird attacks; the area of isolated rice fields is less than 0.25 hectares.
  3. When planting the table:
    1. The seeds that have been sown in the fields are covered with soil;
    2. More seeds should be used;
    3. Use a plastic scarecrow or rope to scare birds away; hire bird keepers;
    4. Planting simultaneously with the surroundings; do not plant or harvest out of season to not serve as the only source of food at that time.
  4. Control the bird’s nest/habitat

Source: Putra, R. (2018). Hama dan penyakit tanaman padi dan deskripsi padi sawah. Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian Kepulauan Riau.