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Rice Cultivation Techniques with SRI Method

1 November 2022
3 mins read

The rice cultivation technique using the SRI (System of Rice Intencification) method was first developed in Madagascar in the 1980s, by Fr. Hendri de Laulanie. SRI is a rice planting system with young seedlings. The advantage of SRI is the formation of multiple tillers so that the yield increases. Profit : (a) higher yields, 50-200% increase in yields with yields of 8 tons or even up to 10 tons; (b) more water efficient, up to 50% water savings and higher productivity per volume of water; (c) improvement of soil quality and more efficient use of fertilizers, both organic and synthetic fertilizers; (d) the need for seeds is 5-10 kg/ha less, the seeds used are 5-10 times less than the amount used conventionally (30-45 kg/ha). This makes the use of superior seeds and hybrid seeds much less for farmers; (e) the need for inputs that are given less water, fertilizers, seeds, and pesticides; (f) better seed quality allows for increased yields; (g) benefits for the environment as a result of reduced demand for water and reduced use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides or even not using them at all. Deficiency: (a) it is difficult to control water, especially when it rains heavily; (b) more manpower is needed compared to conventional methods, even though a patient workforce can reduce the number of workers; (c) farmers are not accustomed to planting young seedlings with only one stem per planting hole; (d) if the land is flooded, the seeds will be easily eaten by snails, therefore the land is cultivated in a humid state so that the snails are not active. However, this can be done with good management techniques. Manpower can be reduced if managed properly, such as planting time which is usually required as many as 32 people per day, with the SRI method it becomes 28 people per day. Weeding weeds is managed as early as possible, as a result weeds do not grow rampantly so that plants are free of weeds. In addition, using organic fertilizers and natural enemies makes healthy plants and land environmentally friendly. The use of organic fertilizers can reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers by up to half the dose. Source: Nalwida Rozen, Musliar Kasim (2018) Teknik Budidaya Tanaman Padi Metode SRI (The System of Rice Intensification). Depok: Rajawali Pers.

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