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Super Jarwo Cultivation Technique

1 November 2022
3 mins read

Jajar Legowo Super Technology is an integrated rice cultivation technology in irrigated rice fields based on the 2:1 row legowo planting system. The technology was produced by the Agricultural Research and Development Agency (Balitbangtan) of the Ministry of Agriculture after going through a series of studies and studies at various locations in Indonesia through Demarea. This success prompted the massive implementation of these activities in several provinces of rice production centers to accelerate the achievement of increasing national rice production, through the Jajar Legowo (Jarwo) Super Rice Cultivation Development Activities. The important parts of Jajar Legowo Super Technology are: 1) New high yielding varieties (VUB) with high yield potential; 2) Biodecomposers given at the same time as tillage; 3) Biological fertilizers that are applied through seed treatment and balanced fertilization based on the Rice Field Soil Test Equipment (PUTS); 4) Control of Plant Pest Organisms (OPT) using vegetable pesticides and inorganic pesticides based on control thresholds; and 5) Agricultural tools and machinery, especially for planting (jarwo transplanter) and harvesting (combine harvester).

  • Land Preparation: Two plows, one harrow
  • Decomposer Application: M-Dec 4 kg/ha
  • Nursery: The seeds are ripened for two days, then mixed with biological fertilizer (Agrimeth) at a dose of 400g/20kg of seed.
  • Planting: Beginning with making uniform and regular spacing marks using ticks. Using young seedlings (18 DAS), planted 2-3 stems/clump
  • Fertilization: 50-75-50 kg Urea-SP36-KCl/ha all applied at the time of planting. Subsequent Urea fertilization is based on the BWD score at 6 MST, so that the Urea required is 150 kg/ha
  • Embroidery: done no later than 2 WAP or before basic fertilization.
  • Water management: carried out by making inlet and outlet channels.
  • HPT control: using inorganic pesticides
  • Harvest: by manual cutting or using a combine harvester
  • Grain threshing: thresher (trasher) Source: Husnain et al. (2016). Teknologi Pemupukan Mendukung Jarwo Super. Jurnal Sumberdaya Lahan
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